• Nandini Shiralkar

Useful resources for learning LaTeX

There are various tutorials available online to help you get started. Here's a non-exhuastive list:

  1. Overleaf

  2. Introduction to LaTeX

  3. edX course

Useful websites:

  1. Symbol finder: draw a symbol to get its LaTeX equivalent

  2. Equation editor: type in your equations and just copy-paste the LaTeX code

  3. Table generator: simply copy-paste data from Excel

  4. A general cheat sheet

  5. Slightly more technical cheat sheet

  6. Cambridge engineering department's website to learn LaTeX

I have also been working on "A guide to LaTeX":

Download PDF • 255KB

I will be updating this on a regular basis to create a more comprehensive set of resources to help learn LaTeX. If you have any suggestions or any websites that you found useful, please get in touch!