Useful websites 

This is a non-exhaustive list of useful websites to help you apply for engineering at university and also prepare you for successfully tackling the wider engineering syllabus.

Physics & Problem Solving

Engineering interviews

A-level consolidation

Knowledge & academics 

Isaac Physics

Develop problem solving skills alongside maths and physics knowledge. Isaac physics has a wealth of questions, ranging 

from AS-level to university level difficulty. They also run a mentoring scheme, summer camps and various other initiatives. 


Created by the Cambridge University. It is a database of interview-style brain teasers and past paper questions to help you prepare for an Oxbridge engineering interview. 

Physics and Maths Tutor

Consolidate key A-level concepts by using the topic notes and the database of past paper questions. There are also Oxbridge entrance assessment practice papers, with detailed mark schemes. Ideal to develop exam techniques.


Organised by concept maps and very good use of multimedia to explain key physics concepts. You can use this to either consolidate the A-level material or push yourself by further exploring particular topics of interest.

Physics Brain Teasers

Quirky brain teasers to put your physics and problem solving skills to test. There is also a handy toolbox which contains a list of some useful physics concepts.

Oxbridge Interview questions

A compilation of some past Oxbridge engineering interview questions. Take it with a pinch of salt; an "average" question is significantly harder.

Maths Made Easy

Comprehensive website to consolidate A-level material. Make sure that your fundamentals are solid: university work heavily depends on A-level studies.

Feynman Lectures

A fantastic way to push your physics knowledge and explore topics of interest. Volume II will help prepare you for the electronics modules if you choose to go ahead with a general engineering course.